The Traveler

Sarah is prosperously working as a manager for an international company since years. There are many aspects of travelling she likes, but basically travelling for business reasons is often painful, independent how good the hotel (in a certain category they are very similar as well)  is and how exquisite the food collection at the VIP lounges at the airports is. The whole journey is exhausting and recurrently boring.

One day Louis tells her about a new service – JOIO|US – which promises to return the trust to the net. It is like a wikipedia for close friends and colleagues and their direct trusted relationships. It feels like a mixture of whatsapp and facebook, but concentrated on trusted service and trustful relationships.

Louis is using the JOIO|US application for staying in touch with close friends, without having the fear of data getting into the hands of Google, Microsoft or other bigger companies. But he is also using the App as a direct communication portal to trusted companies he uses and trusts – like Quality Hotels.

Sarah, being referred by Louis, appreciates the options for her private life, but she loves how it makes her life easier during business trips after she subscribed to the Quality Hotel Module which looks like an additional tab on her mobile. This extension – fully branded and integrated in Quality Hotel Services – is fully interactive and allows direct pre-authorized access to Hotel Services and promotions.

This time, she selected GreatHotel as she got a minibar voucher like Luis for the reference, and got a complementary tourist eveningtrip for booking a low frequent arrival date. A win-win situation, as the hotel had seats for this trip left. She is happy and feels like a VIP, as she knows unlike a newsletter it’s first come/first serve promotion.

She got already useful vouchers and other offers she really needs in her personal newsfeed. Unlike Email Newsletters she gives better attention to special promotions like business center usage, daytime use rooms and special rooms just offered to her, which are not available via For the next trip she and Louis got a minibar voucher for the reference during the booking. That’s something she really can use after a long flight.

On the taxi to the hotel she is able to pre-fill all the necessary data for check-in, for some hotels she can even complete the complete check-in and get into the room with NFC locks. She could also directly access the frontdesk (even chat) to arrange special check-in for groups, or just to tell that she will be late for check-in.

Later in the room laying on the bed, frontdesk for special wishes or just roomservice is one click away. She is able to book meeting rooms via a chatbot or getting special support. Also booking a rental car, taxi or even a tour is easy through that application, all without further authentication.

For check-out she only needs to push one button, review the bill and ensures she got the receipt via email – she got into difficult situations in the past with old-fashioned quick-checkout.