The Hotel Manager

Leon has been working for years as a manager for GreatHotel in Singapore. He knows the business and how difficult it is to please customers and at the same time to offer added value and good prices over price-comparing portals.

So he is glad, as the headquarter offered a new service – JOIO|Quality Hotels, or just “Quality-Experience”, as it is branded.

Now he is not only able to make the stay for his customers as convenient as possible: Direct access for support via chat motivate a lot of people to avoid the phone and get in touch directly with the frontdesk. This helps with a lot of language related issues, sending maps, or simply upselling services quickly. He is also happy, as he needs less staff to support several chats via webfrontend at the same time and to supervise automatic customer actions. This also reduced the number of misunderstandings. He is looking forward to the new extension to automate support via chatbots to increase further reaction time – under human surveillance of course.

As the hotel-customer relationship is a trustful and pre-authorized connection, the frontdesk(sales) staff is able to get more personal preferences of the customer as long as the customer communicated it.

In terms of room utilization his service improved a lot as it was possible to sell services, which are not possible to sell via the homepage, directly to connected customers on a first come-first serve basis, who themselves got the feeling of VIP treatment.

For instance is it possible to book daytime rooms, business center or similar items directly within that closed circuit for trusted customer-trusted business beside the official market.

Even for his restaurant he achieved more utilization due to more business lunches from none-houseguests. They simply love the feature to request a Guest WLAN password when they stay(ed) in another Quality Hotel.

Finally due to the fact happy customers are referencing good businesses to trusted colleagues, some businesses even promote it with special group discounts or goodies for private trips. Leon is glad, total directly booked nights went up from week to week. And even if there were unhappy customers – better to share their experience with the frontdesk chat, than on public portals. Such he was further able to improve service!

Of course, part of the success was also the press coverage about such interactive services.