The Adventurer

Joey is an active girl in his 20’s. She has plenty of friends, but after her big move across the country, she no longer has her main circle of active friends to work out with, go running with, or enjoy a weekend of hiking and camping. Going to the local bar to meet friends doesn’t quite fit right for Joey. Finding new friends while being on the trail, isn’t quite socially acceptable either.

Joey joins Joio|US, a social referral app that lets her already trusted network of friends put her in contact with people that she can trust to spend the night in the mountains together. Joey’s friend Amy, who lives across the country, refers her to a great friend of her’s named Ryan, who also just moved to the same city Joey is in. Ryan loves the outdoors too and is looking for a camping buddy to hit the mountains with. Joey and Ryan connect over Joio, and the next weekend they find themselves 8,000 ft up on a snowy ridge, sharing jerky and coffee at sunrise.