Introducing JOIO

The new social app that connects you through trusted relationships

JOIO Brings People Together, That Should Be Together

Unlike other social networks, JOIO brings your real relationships to the front of your social network.

Handful of People, Best People

JOIO|US is specifically designed to bring people together, through trusting relationships. You can recommend friendships, share recommendations, exchange ideas and bring enthusiasts that you already know and trust together. Networks will expand, and people will have new relationships that are built on trust, and recommendations.

  • Bring friends together
  • Share events in your life
  • Build a trusted network
  • Grow your own network
  • Access User created knowledge base

We built this for you


I was looking for a solution to keep all the good places, restaurants, contacts, businesses and even my close friends in one place together, to grow it with ideas from my friends and friends of friends to finally get a personal knowledgebase of good things around me. We finally build it! To share in a private, secure and simple way to keep. That’s the reason why people are paying for it: The product is the product, not the customer data!

Michael Böhm, Founder

Good healthy long-term relationships are always based on trust. With many dating and matrimony sites available online and most of them filled with fake profiles it is hard to trust the Internet. At JOIO|US we help to get trust back to the Internet. The innovative JOIO solution helps to build long lasting relationships amongst close friend network. It helps you to connect to genuine and like-minded people through your own trusted friends. After all friends know the best!

Pranav Jere, Partner for India

I searched for a long time for a solution to stay in touch with friends, in particularly with the ones that moved away. It's way to easy to loose contact during busy times. In Joio we found an effective way to achieve this with our little satellite.

George Barsan, Technical Lead, Founder

I love to have a central access point to my most valuable contacts. Being able to see at one glance when we last communicated via phone, whatsapp, text,... brings us even closer together!

Sarah Kellermann, Founder

Personal relationships are the most valuable assets for Asian culture. JOIO|US is boosting its possibilities to the top to for personal success in business and harmony in friendships

Arthas Wang, Founder, Asia

Joio in many ways turns social interaction on the internet from standing on its head back to its feet. It’s about safely communicating with the people you really trust, centered around these very people and not on the hunt to have as many artificial ``friends” as you can possibly get. And it is about extending that trust to the people your *real* friends trust. I can’t wait to use it myself.

Lorenz Glatz, Founder, Investor

JOIO Features & Benefits

The JOIO network has been built with many high end and modern technologies that are all focused around giving you and those you trust the absolute best networking experience the world has ever seen.

Customize Your Experience

Joio allows you the user to customize your entire user experience. From how it looks, to who you connect with.

Friends of Friends

Connect with friends you didn't know you had. Through our networking setup, your friends can recommend new friends.

Full Modern Shareability

Share your life the way you expect of modern social networks. Pictures, video, matchmaking, events-- Joio has it all.

Real Time Connections

Instant real-time updates and auto-sync for your network happens instantly, without the need to search for new content.

Professional + Personal

We allow you the user to get the most out of your network. Joio has been designed to allow for both personal and professional networking.

Premium Features

Joio offers some pretty powerful and incredible networking abilities that are offered in our premium packages.

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Round the clock live-chat support ensures any likely issue you face is immediately addressed and resolved.


Both novices and experts can understand and utilize the simplified controls and instructions.


Developed with emphasis on social functions of the web, Auto-login options and password protect features.

Global Connection

We're launching JOIO throughout the world so you can connect through it.

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