JOIO Business

Personal references and trust is clue for the world

Personal references is the clue between human beings, helps them to grow, to learn, to live, to do business, actually for near all positive tasks of life.

Over the last couple of years trust declined in priority online. In particular it is often seen as specifically fostering superficiality, replacing deep, measured analysis by noisy but unfiltered observation.
We will bring back trust into everyday life of the user.

Company Facts

Founded 2016
Main Office Vienna
4 founders
21 Staff total


2016 Alpha Prototype ready
2017 Q2 Android Prototype
2017 Q3 Android BETA
2017 Q3 USA
2017 Q4 Singapore
2018 China, Asia

JOIO|US Team Members

Experience: 15-25 years leadership each
Locations: Singapore, India, China, Philippines
USA, Vienna

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