Facebook Alternative?

Joio|US isn’t just any social network.  Instead of exposing your information to anyone who may be seeking it, we focus on maintaining your privacy while helping you build connections through the people you already trust, through your friends.

device2-3At Joio, we look to change what is important about social networks.  This isn’t about followers you have never met, and “connecting” with thousands of people you have never met, and wouldn’t know if you bumped into them in the street.

Instead, we aim to eliminate the random friend request from people you have never met.  At Joio, we are about friends introducing friends, and the building of actual relationships through mutual interests and trust.

This helps create a social network with unlimited possibility that still maintains the feeling of a tight-knit social circle.

You value your privacy, and so do we.  Unlike some other social networks, your privacy is our primary concern.  We believe that you should be able to control how your information is, or is not, shared with others.

You can control what is seen and by whom.  No fighting against our ideas of privacy, and no having to jump in at every update to re-secure you information.  At Joio, we believe in your right to manage your information how you want it managed, period.

One of the reason you have the friends you do is a mutual feeling of trust.  With Joio, you can use that sense of trust to connect to the other people in your friends’ lives that they already trust, but you have not had the chance to meet.

Maybe it is their friend from their old workplace, a buddy or roommate from their college days, or a friend from childhood with whom they have kept in touch.  These first degree extensions from those you already know can be a great source of new relationships, friendships, and connections.

You already have something in common, the mutual trust you both have in a dear friend, family member, or coworker.  That trust can help build stronger relationships with new people.

You will not have to waste time sifting through random friend requests from strangers just trying to build their networks.  Joio isn’t about the number of “friends” you can get, it’s about the quality of the relationships that you can build.

And we don’t believe that volume is the answer.

We help filter out the B.S. so you can focus on the relationships that matter to you.  Wouldn’t you rather grow the number of actual friends you can count on, and not just the number of “friends” who may “like” what you have to say?

At Joio, we think you do.