Friendship Sites

Social networking used to focus on friendship. It was designed to help you maintain the relationships that you had grown to cherish while allowing you to meet new people who you could come to know. Over time, social media began to focus on gathering the most followers and building the largest networks, with strangers reaching out to people, not to build relationships, but to grow their numbers.

Joio wants to move back to the core of what social networking can be. Here’s how…

As a social network should, Joio helps you connect with the people with whom you are the closest. But, instead of letting random strangers clog up your inbox with requests, Joio encourages friends to introduce friends.

In this way, Joio works just like the real world can, but allows you to introduce friends across greater distances. If your friend thinks you would adore her old college roommate, then she can introduce you directly through Joio, and you can do the

Instead of focusing on the quantity of the connections you are able to make, you can work on finding new quality relationships with people you can grow to trust and count on.

We believe that friendships are a key to a wonderful life, and Joio looks like support those relationships above all else.


Friendships in the regular world grow over time, allowing you to both share more information as you become comfortable with each other. At Joio, we believe you should have the same control over your information on your profile.

As your friendship develops into something more meaningful, you can adjust your settings to allow them more access to your information. Instead of having to define your relationship based on only a couple of preset levels, you can make more thoughtful adjustments as things progress without having to feel as though you are overexposed in any way.

This also means you can restrict your profile from people you do not know. You don’t have to worry as much about complete strangers stalking your profile, as your privacy is at the core of the network. Updates to Joio will not undo all of your privacy settings, so it will never leave you exposed without your consent.


At Joio, we want to help your friendships build new friendships, and not just increase the amount of chatter there is across the internet.

If this sounds like what you want out of a social network, give Joio a try and see how the new priorities in social networking can create a better experience for everyone.