New Social Media 

Social media used to be about connecting with friends, family, and coworkers, and building relationships.  Then, it changed into something else.  People began aiming at quantity instead of quality.

Here at Joio, we are looking to take what social media used to be, and make it something better than it was before.  If you are interested in building relationships instead of followings, Joio is here to make that a reality.

socialmediaJoio has refocused the idea of social media on to what the paradigm was meant to be about.  Joio works to help you build quality relationships with the people you trust, meet new people through your current friends and family members, and provide you with the privacy and security you desire.

Instead of allowing strangers to reach out to any person they can find a profile on, Joio focuses on friends introducing friends.  You won’t find yourself bombarded with requests from people who you don’t know, and who don’t know anyone you know.

The connections you make on Joio will occur naturally, and grow organically, just like a real relationship should.

TrippinOn Joio, you will be able to connect to those closest to you.  Once you have built your circle, and your friends and family have built theirs, you will have the opportunity to introduce different people in your circle to each other, and they can do the same for you.

In this way, Joio focuses on the trust you already have in the people you know today, and allows you to extend that feeling of trust to help build a bridge between the other people in your circle.  You can help keep your current relationships by connecting through Joio, and find interesting people with which you can build new relationships.

You have the ability to control the information you share, leaving your privacy in your hands.  As a relationship grows and trust is built, you can allow them more access to your profile while leaving new connections more restricted.

We never intend to make your choice between privacy and friendship for you.  At Joio, we think that your privacy should not have to fit into a couple of predetermined boxes that we think are best for you.  You know what works for you, and we want to support that from the beginning.

At Joio, we think social media can be better than it is today, and we would love to have you come on the journey with us. If you want to connect with new people in a new way, join Joio and see the future of social media for yourself.