New Social Network

Do you remember when social networking was a way to bring friends together?

Does it feel more like a competition for who can find the most “friends” and gain the most “followers?”

Would you like to see a social network focus on relationships again?

We think you do.

phone-black_общаяhrdfggdfJoio is a new social network designed to help build connections and not just increase the numbers.  We believe that your best source for new friendships is the people you already know and trust.  At Joio, we are about friends introducing friends, so that one trusted relationship can help create another.

phone-black34At Joio, we believe that friendships should be based on quality, not quantity.  We don’t believe that you should have to deal with requests for friendship from random strangers with whom you have nothing in common and no known connection.

Instead, Joio works by allowing you to connect with your inner circle, your friends, family and trusted coworkers, and meeting new people in their inner circles.  This allows you to build new relationships based on the presence of a relationship with someone you already trust.

We also understand that privacy is important.  While some social networks force you to deal with their idea of privacy, at Joio, we leave that in your hands.  You always have control over how much you share, and with whom you share it.

As you build trust with new friends, you can allow them to see more of your posted information.  This lets the site adjust as your relationships grow and change, so you never have to shove your relationship in one of a limited number of boxes and hope that you made the right decision.

The days of meaningless “friendships” and “followings” may not suit your needs forever.  You value your close friendships, and understand that they are different from the supposed relationships you have with these strangers you’ve never spoken to directly.

Joio wants to help you create more real relationships in your life by helping you connect with like-minded individuals who have already gained the trust of a mutual friend.  These social networks are designed to grow organically, and with a purpose.

At Joio, it is never about the numbers.  It isn’t about the having the most “friends” just for the sake of it.  We don’t believe in the artificial popularity contests that other networks may champion.

We believe that the quality, meaningful relationships take time, and trust.  As Joio, we are here to help you build the kinds of relationships that matter, and maintain the ones you already have.

Now, doesn’t that sound like the kind of network you want to join?  Start connecting today and build the friendships that will get you through tomorrow and the years to follow.  Join Joio.