Twitter Alternative

Are you tired of the endless chatter that races by on some social networks?

Are you looking for something with more meaning?

Would you like to have meaningful talks that allow more than 140 characters?

We know we are.

Joio is a new kind of social network.  We focus on the things that matter most when connecting with people, instead of just finding ways to connect with the most followers.  We believe that the quality of the relationship matters more than the quantity of people who may see your update.

If you feel the same way, say hello to Joio!

At Joio, we know that you have a tight circle of friends, family members, and coworkers.  You value these relationships because of the trust you have built over time, and you know you can count on them to be there for you.  Joio is designed to help you build more of those kinds of meaningful relationships instead of acquiring massive numbers of connections that do not actually provide you with anything real.

home2-bgJoio lets friends introduce friends instead of focusing on random strangers reaching out to whoever they can find.  In this way, you can meet other people with whom you have someone in common, and you know that someone you trusts also trusts them.

We also believe that your privacy should be a priority. What you share, and with whom you choose to share it, should be entirely in your hands. Instead of you having to worry about who can access your information, you can secure your information to the level that makes you the most comfortable.

As your relationships grow and change, you can adjust your privacy settings a bit at a time. This allows the amount of access you provide to grow as the relationship does.

We don’t believe in limiting your interactions to a set number of characters.  At Joio, we believe you should be able to reach out and say what you want to say in the exact manner you wish to say it.  No more strange abbreviations or internet shorthand unless that is how you want to speak.

For those who prefer to use full sentences with proper punctuation, Joio will never stand in the way of your dream.pricing-bg

You will also never be bombarded with information that you have no interest in seeing.  Joio isn’t about finding ways to sneak commercials into your daily feed.  Instead, we think that you should be able to have conversations with the people who matter to you without you having to wade your way through the oversized advertisements that seem to slowly take over your screen.

If you value trust, privacy, and the ability to communicate how you please, consider trying Joio today.