Use Cases

Sharing of experiences within individual range of trustful contacts: No lookup of numerous anonymous (faked?) ratings in portals necessary anymore.

Only relevant offers will be sent to me – based on my behavior.

• Bringing people closer together by getting the feeling to be part of an exclusive community, having fun in making vacation together, feeling valuable by sharing experiences, or just by having the feeling to achieve something together

• The feeling of being exclusive (VIP) and getting exclusive offers is beneficial for the customer, independent of price

• Quick and easy customer feedback on time can have a direct impact on my hotel bill

Direct access to Support services via chat:

• Single logon, hotel staff know automatically details about requesting customer

• Before, after and during stay in hotel – same interface, same quick response

• Possible integrated services across participating hotels and partner companies:

• WLAN access before, during and after stay in partner hotels and partner restaurants.

• Business services, airport launches, restaurants, etc.

I always have my loyalty programs with me – no need to work on a PC or remember user IDs, passwords, or loyalty cards. Finally one app the customer is using for many private reasons will get more attention then another icon on a mobile phone